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  1. Using and working with IndexedDB

    Published: Thu 17 May 2012
    By Surya

    In Rant.

    Below is a sample example code for IndexedDB

    //nsr is namespace
    (function (nsr, $, undefined) {
        //private variables
        nsr.myTvQ.indexedDB = nsr.myTvQ.indexedDB || {};
        nsr.myTvQ.indexedDB.db = null;
        nsr.myTvQ.indexedDB.version = "1.0";
        //saving webkitIndexedDB in global namespace
        if ('webkitIndexedDB' in window) {
            window.indexedDB = window.webkitIndexedDB;
            window.IDBTransaction = window.webkitIDBTransaction …
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  2. VisualSVN pre-commit hook

    Published: Fri 03 June 2011
    By Surya

    In Rant.

    1.Start VisualSVN Server Manager
    2.Under Repositories, Select your repository and then Open Properties
    3.Select Hooks tab
    4.double click the pre-commit hook

    Edit: As of VisualSVN version 2.5 use below code

    setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    set REPOS=%1
    set TXN=%2
    set SVNLOOK="%VISUALSVN_SERVER%\bin\svnlook.exe"
    SET …
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  3. My Experience with SQL Azure

    Published: Mon 09 May 2011
    By Surya

    In Rant.

    We are in the process of developing a prototype for Windows Azure.
    Since its a fairly a new technology not many online help/discussions
    are available. and if there are, then they are obsolete (as these steps would become in couple of months)
    the reason being, Microsoft comes out with …

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