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This is a recipe I got from my mother-in-law. The cool part about this recipe is that it is made without using any sambar powder.


  1. Imli - nimbu size
  2. Vegetables -any of the veggies drumstick, bindi, shimla mirch, red pumpkin, white peta, onion
  3. coconut - Half coconut- grated
  4. Masala - chana dal, sabud dhaniya, pepper, methi, hing, sabud mirch
  5. Toor daal
  6. Tadka - rai, methi, kadi patta and sabud mirch


  1. Soak imli and microwave and cool
  2. Sqeeze out imli water
  3. Boil any two or three vegetables in imli water
  4. Add haldi and namak while boiling
  5. Pressure cook toor dal with haldi
  6. Mash the toor dal and add it to the cooked vegetable.
  7. Roast and grind the masala with coconut and add to the sambhar
  8. after it has boiled for some time add tadka