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About Me

My name is Srinivas and everybody calls me either Srini or Shireen. I am a Senior Software Engineer at State Street Global Advisors.  I completed my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston in the spring of 2004. Click here and here to see some pictures from the graduation.

I am basically a fun loving guy, who loves to have a good time. I enjoy traveling, music, reading, surfing the net, meeting new people, making friends, eating and cooking. I love technology and computers. All my friends know I am always trying something new.

During the summer of 2001, I was working at Progress Software Corporation.

In the summer of 2002, I worked for Prof. Brian White from the UMass Biology Department. I developed a interactive website using perl and javascript for one his introductory lab courses.

In the summer of 2003 I got an internship to work at National Power Grid, USA. Here I was working for the Systems Planning Group in Northborough. The work here was really exciting as I was able to finished two projects while I was there. The first one was a VB.NET application with an Oracle backend. The second project was porting an old application done in Paradox into MS Access. While I was working at the Grid, I made some great friends. Check out Scott’s and John’s websites.

During the Fall of 2003 I helped the UMass Web development team setup a UMass forum and mailing list system. I setup a Debian based secure linux system and installed phpBB2 for the forum and mailman for the mailing list. I have helped them off and on with other website development efforts. Joe Peters who heads the group is a really nice guy and has always helped me with other UMass web projects.

The other web projects I have done at UMass are

I programme in C, C#, Java, VB.NET, VB and Perl. I love network programming, database programming web programming and writing shell/Perl Scripts.

I also have had the opportunity to participate in various extra curricular activities - I was a Graduate Student Assembly member at UMass Boston and also had the opportunity to serve as President for one year. I have helped coordinate research conferences, fellowship awards, and other such activities. I was one of the founder members of Electrical Engineers Students Association (E.E.S.A) in 1994 in my undergraduate college. We organized - State level Paper presentation, Seminars, Industrial tours and Cultural gatherings. I have been a keen dramatist and have won prizes for inter collegiate drama competitions. I have Directed a few plays for E.E.S.A. I have been in the organizing committee of an inter-collegiate youth festival called Pratishruti. I have also actively participated in sports and have won prizes in long distance running. During my High School, I was House Captain. I have also been President of our High School’s Intract club (subsidiary of Rotract club of India).